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Thirty years after the Ephialtes incident a new dawn of peaceful prosperity is breaking. A reformed Asian Bloc is pursuing a meaningful détente with the USAN, and the spectre of war has long since receded.


When a voice from the past is heard across the solar system contemporary assumptions are shaken to the core. The sheen of modern civility is torn asunder as an ageless foe is revealed to be a threat not just to the USAN and Mars, but to the entirety of human civilisation.


An enemy of unprecedented magnitude is coming, and humanity must decide how to confront it. If there is to be even the slimmest hope of prevailing some ugly truths will have to be dragged back into the light. There can be no rules in a fight for survival.

DEIMOS, the jaw-dropping conclusion to the acclaimed Ephialtes trilogy is out NOW 




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The peace delivered in the wake of the Ephialtes incident is more fragile than many suppose. The USAN’s rearmament program continues apace, hindered only by the harsh economic realities imposed by the Martian deuterium embargo.

On Mars, Askel and Bobby have to come to terms with an uncertain future while Foveaux and Kostovich brace themselves for the crisis they dread but know is coming.

When a shocking act of violence sends two planets careening towards conflict there is nowhere left to hide. The cold war between Earth and Mars is about to get hot, and there can only be one winner.

A worthy successor to the first book in the series. Given that this is the second book, less exposition is required, leaving more room for thorough character development and philosophical musings about the purpose of leadership, humanity's destiny, and our species' penchant for war. An impressively complex novel, there is plenty of mystery and existential uncertainty, making this futuristic space thriller a riveting read.

Self-Publishing Review

Conflict, both military and ethical, abounds in the mid-23rd century, setting the scene for a swashbuckling military science fiction saga with intricate subplots and more characters and points of view than a Russian novel.  Parker writes well, the action riding a high-speed rail through layers of technology, deteriorating chains of command, moral dilemmas, and military insight.

US Review of Books

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In 2241 the dominant superpower on Earth, the USAN, successfully concludes the fourth world war. The nation breathes a sigh of relief and looks forward to the resumption of elections.

Across the solar system the leading industrialist in the USAN’s small colony on Mars is thinking about independence. When the Martian population votes in favour Mars secedes from the union.

It seems to be a fait accompli until it’s suggested that a massive dropship carrying spacecraft, Ephialtes, built to patrol the Earth, could be refitted for interplanetary spaceflight. Maybe the USAN could use its military might to persuade the colonists to reconsider.

With an enormous instrument of war heading toward them the Martians resolve to defend their independence. Limited resources force them to rely on wit and ingenuity as they prepare their defences. Can they prevail against the mighty Ephialtes

The story effectively generates suspense for the inevitable confrontation between the two planets . . .  An absorbing, inventive introduction to Parker's version of the 23rd century, where politics still reign.

Kirkus Reviews

For fans of this kind of military sci-fi, there's every reason to pick this title up. The book is an exceptional example of its genre that does all it sets out for succinctly, but pushes for a full, fleshed-out trilogy as something to look forward to: a trilogy that seems likely to meet expectations. The book oozes quality throughout.

Self-Publishing Review

The story is fantastic  . . .  the book makes for an excellent read. It’s as fun as it’s engrossing, and it belongs on the reading list of Martian revolutionaries everywhere.

The Arc Shaper

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Ephialtes The Codices makes up the connective tissue between Ephialtes and Phobos Rising.

The collection comprises all four previously released codices together with the exclusive Ephialtes Codex V: Why Am I So Clever?

Parker's writing is as highly political and war-ready as space wars fans would expect, as well as following its genre's classic touches with a lot of space tech details that sci-fi readers will enjoy. He clearly has a very intimate knowledge of his creations, and has furnished all possible elements of this world thoroughly and with passion . . . a highly interesting and entertaining addition to the Ephialtes universe.

Self-Publishing Review

The Ephialtes Codices
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