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The Ephialtes Trilogy is a series of three books set in the twenty-third century. The story centres on the conflict arising between the dominant nation on Earth, the USAN, and its colony on Mars.

When the leading industrialist on Mars, Charles Venkdt, polls the Martian population on self-determination he receives a powerful mandate and proceeds with proclaiming independence.

In the USAN this is met with consternation, and the president controversially decides to refit the massive orbiting dropship carrier Ephialtes for interplanetary spaceflight.

News of the impending arrival of Ephialtes galvanises the Martians, who in turn set about quickly forming an army and building defences.

The first book of the series, Ephialtes, was released on Amazon Kindle and paperback on 22 September 2015.  Phobos Rising, the second book of the series, was released 10 October 2017.  Deimos, the concluding book of the trilogy, was released on 04 May 2023.

The main novel trilogy is complemented by a series of shorter pieces, the Ephialtes codices, set in the same fictional universe. The first four codices, See the Worlds, A Cold Wind Blows, Son of New York and Be All You Can Be are available individually or anthologized in Ephialtes The Codices.   The collection includes the previously unreleased Ephialtes Codex V:  Why Am I So Clever?

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