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The Ephialtes Shorts Collection

TESC eBook Cover epub v2

Between writing books one and two of the Ephialtes Trilogy I wrote a series of shorter pieces (most of them quite a bit longer than a standard short story) and have been gradually putting them out over the last eighteen months or so. They’re set in the same fictional universe and sit somewhere between the two books. They feature characters and incidents from both books and expand on them or come at them from new angles.

I’ve compiled them into book called The Ephialtes Shorts Collection which will be released on 16 May. It will be available from Amazon in both paperback and eBook formats. The eBook is available to pre-order now – just click on the link above.

The first book of the trilogy, Ephialtes, is widely available so if you haven’t got round to checking it out yet there’s nothing to stop you getting up to speed before The Ephialtes Shorts Collection comes out!

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