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A Pile of Paper

Updated: Aug 21, 2019


As of this morning I’m halfway through writing the first draft of ****** ****** Ephialtes Part II, in terms of chapters, at least.  As you can see, I’m being coy about the title.  Not for any well thought out reason, it just feels like I should be.  The above picture is what it currently looks like; a typo-filled incoherent mess.

Sorting the mess out is the fun part for me.  At the moment it’s a bit of a slog, so I’m glad to be heading down the other side of the mountain now.  I hope to have a completed first draft by the end of the year (secretly hoping well before the end of the year) with a release date some time in autumn 2017.

This book is about twice the length of Ephialtes, so I have my work cut out.

Right then, Chapter 26 . . .

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